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Einhorn Vegan Condoms - Forbidden Kiss (7 condoms)

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Einhorn condoms - Vegan
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Einhorn: 100% natural, vegan and fairtrade condoms. Do some good while having a good time!

The Einhorn condoms are unique and innovative, just like their colourful packagings. Designed in Berlin and made in Malaysia, they comply to the strictest security and ethics standards.

Einhorn's two founders personally make sure that their very demanding criteria are met, namely:

Condoms made exclusively from natural latex rubber
100% natural ingredients in the lubricant
Fairtrade production (fair working conditions and remuneration)
Vegan label
Cruelty free production (no animal testing)
Each condom is electronically tested
A share of the proceeds goes to charities

Einhorn condoms are slightly larger at the tip for greater comfort and natural sensations. Teat-ended, lubricated, with no dyes. They are compostable and the packaging is recyclable.

Another one of Einhorn condoms' distinguishing features is obvious: they are packaged in colourful paper bags decorated with various unconventional illustrations, drawings and photos. The packagings are differents, but all Einhorn condoms are identical in every bag.

Size: 54 mm nominal width
Package contents: 7 vegan condoms
Package design: Forbidden Kiss

Einhorn Vegan Condoms - Forbidden Kiss (7 condoms)

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