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Velvet Extra Silky Japanese lubricant - 360 ml (water based)

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Velvet Extra Silky is a water-based Japanese lubricant, specially created for use with masturbators. The exceptionally silky texture and the thick formula makes it a very pleasant lubricant to use.

Make the most of your masturbators with this Velvet Extra Silky Japanese lubricant! The incredibly silky texture and thick, water-based formula make it very easy and pleasant to use.

Velvet Extra Silky leaves an extra-thin film of lubricant inside your masturbator, ensuring that the internal structures do not get saturated with lubricant and that you get maximum sensations during penetration. Of course, Velvet Extra Silky can also be used for all kinds of sex.

Made in Japan, Velvet Extra Silky is unscented and offers long-lasting lubrication. It is also kind to your skin and safe to ingest.

Japanese lubricant with exceptionally silky texture
Water-based, made in Japan
Comes in plastic bottle designed to dispense the right amount every time
Long-lasting lubrication
Scent-free and edible
Compatible with all sex toys and condoms

Contains: 360 ml
Ingredients: Sodium polyacrylate, Aloe extract, Collagen extract, Parabene, Purified water

Velvet Extra Silky Japanese lubricant - 360 ml (water based)

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