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VIPER sexual stimulant (4 tablets)

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These VIPER erection pills from Cobeco Pharma can be used as an excellent natural alternative to medicines such as Viagra. These pills are rich in vitamins and magnesium, and promote strong, long-lasting erections.

Get your sexual power back with these Viper pills from Cobeco Pharma. These unique pills contain specially-chosen natural ingredients to promote long-lasting, strong erections.

One pill works for several hours. These VIPER stimulating pills can help to combat any erectile problems. They can also improve male sexual performance, by providing better erections and a harder penis.

Instructions: Take 1 pill a day with a little water. Do not exceed the dose of 1 pill per 24 hours.
Important: If you are taking prescribed medicine or an MAO inhibitor, or if you suffer from heart disease or arterial hypertension or are in a poor state health, consult a doctor before using VIPER.
Contents: 4 pills

VIPER sexual stimulant (4 tablets)

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