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We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Aqua

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Aqua

Doesn't stay in place

By Soup on 06/01/2020

The toy doesn't stay in place much, so someone might have to hold it to keep it on the clit. Feels nice having it in during sex, but sometimes it needs too much work.

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

We-vibe vibes!

By Pseudo on 01/12/2019

Excellent sexual device, fast and discrete service. Totally recommended for couples, especially those who spend time apart from each other and wanna keep the flame

We-Vibe Moxie - Vibrating clip-on clitoral stimulator

We-Vibe Moxie - Vibrating clip-on clitoral stimulator

Could be good fun

By Remote on 12/11/2019

It could be good fun to use as an intro/warm-up/date/remote fun... It is easy to use and quite powerful for its size. It is larger than you think though and makes more noise than I believed it would after reading other reviews. If you are in a quiet room, it would be obvious who is using it... Maybe with jeans, and even then.

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

Not worth it for 200 CHF...

By Lucie on 10/11/2019

Hi everyone, the app is fun and it really works on crosscountry distance, if you have good Internet connection, so definitely fun for your partner. Also not bad to use while having sex, however it slides out while moving, it doesnt stay in place so it becomes annoying at some point rather than giving pleasure. Not really for using alone, I don't feel much, well it's not a vibrator indeed, so definitely only my opinion, as everyone is diffrent, for someone it can work well, for me not really. I t… Read more

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Aqua

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Aqua

Great experience

By Al on 30/10/2019

The product is great, very fun, and the best thing is that you can use it together (during sex), and it's stimulating for both. The design is also very nice, simple and elegant. The package was anonymous, just a regular brown box, so if you're concerned about privacy there's nothing to worry about.

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

We-Vibe Sync - Vibrator for couples - Purple

Super discreet and compact

By Mia on 23/07/2019

I love that itís not as bulky as the others so it really doesnít feel intrusive when Iím using it with my partner. Overall, it feels good with the multiple settings and itís nice with the adjustable size!

We-Vibe Vibrator for Couples

Discover the new We-Vibe Sync, as well as all other We-Vibe models, such as We-Vibe Unite, We-Vibe Wish, We-Vibe Tango, or the adult toy kits We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection and We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection. Discretely purchase your new WeVibe Sync on

We-Vibe vibrator for couples

The We-Vibe is a sex toy for couples, which is currently the best known on the market. It's a small vibrator with a sleek and rather elegant design that will seduce you in no time. It allows to effectively stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, while creating delicious vibrations on the penis. This flexible stimulator does not interfere with penetration and will give you unique and unforgettable moments. It integrates two powerful and silent motors, which can be controlled independently. Entirely coated with soft and silky medical quality silicone, this object of pleasure feels very pleasant upon contact with the skin.

How to use it

This vibrator for couples stands out for two of its sections. Its upper part is rigid and can be affixed directly onto the clitoris. Its more flexible lower part can be inserted into the vagina for improved stimulation of the G-spot. The penis will press against the internal part, which will result in unbelievable orgasms. For intensified pleasure, it comes with a wireless remote control, and can be synchronised with a smartphone using iOS or Android, which allows you to control it remotely.

The We-Vibe 1, 2, 3, 4 or the We-Vibe Unite were revised and improved versions of the previous ones, but still functioned in more or less the same way.
The latest members of the range have just made their appearance:
ē The We-Vibe Sync, which adapts to your anatomy for sensational comfort of use!
ē We-Vibe Unite, slimmer and offered at an unbeatable price!

We-Vibe and their features

We-Vibe Unite
Discover new heights of pleasure with We-Vibe Unite. It has been redesigned with the help of clients, sexologists and gynaecologists. Its ergonomic shape has been refined and lightened to best suit the female anatomy. This sex toy for couples incorporates ten modes of vibrations. We-Vibe Unite is available now at an orgasmic price.
We-Vibe Match
We-Vibe Match is the latest version of the famous "We-Vibe" sex toy, designed for couples. It can be used during sex and increases the pleasure of both partners, by stimulating the clitoris, G-spot and penis. This model has an ergonomic and slim design, with adjustable power and a waterproof design.
We-Vibe Sync
The We-Vibe Sync has been completely redesigned to bring a new dimension to your lovemaking. It can be easily adjusted to suit any female anatomy. It helps to better target the G-spot as well as the clitoris and effectively stimulates the penis. We-Vibe Sync is waterproof and offers a multitude of intensities and vibration modes.

A few other models

We-Vibe Jive
Add some spice to your relationship with We-Vibe Jive. This smart sex toy will allow you to pleasure yourself, whether alone or in a couple, discreetly and easily. It can be inserted into the vagina and will provide you with delicious, vibrating pleasures, which can be controlled from your or your partner's mobile phone.
We-Vibe Verge
This premium vibrating ring has been specially designed to enhance your pleasure during sex. It can be placed around the penis and testicles, at the base of the penis. It is equipped with a vibrating stimulator that deliciously massages the perineum for thundering orgasms.
We-Vibe Pivot
Improve your sexual performance while giving your partner more pleasure, thanks to this We-Vibe Pivot penis ring. This cock ring is equipped with a vibrating clitoral stimulator. Its vibrations can be controlled manually or from your mobile phone/tablet, thanks to the free We-Connect app.

The App
Use your We-Vibe together during love making, or remotely, using the We-Vibe App available for iPhone or Android Smartphone. The We-Vibe application allows you to control your toy from a few centimetres or thousands of kilometres away! Your partner will be able to wear the We-Vibe anywhere, like a vibrating egg, allowing you to give them pleasure from a distanceÖ

For a pleasant and intense experience, we recommend that you apply a water-based lubricant on to your We-Vibe. Also make sure to clean your sex toy before and after each use. Below you will find the We-Vibe lubricant and the cleaner, specially developed to improve your intimate moments.

Discover the new vibrators for We-Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Unite! We-Vibe? To try it, is to like it.
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