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Whitehead Ratchet mouth spreader gag

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Whitehead Ratchet from Black Label is a mouth spreader. This restraint accessory will force your subject to keep their mouth wide open. Thanks to its straps, it will stay in place through all your BDSM games.

This mouth spreader is a device traditionally used by doctors and dentists. It is also part of the sadomasochistic world, as it forces the person to keep their mouth wide open. This gag is equipped with hinges and catches that can adjust the degree of opening of the mouth and maintain it.

The Whitehead Ratchet mouth spreader from Black Label is equipped with an adjustable leather strap with five positions. The main part is designed in surgical steel, with a mouth area covered with protective rubber.

With this oral restraint, your subject can do nothing but submit to your desires, mouth wide open.

Material: Stainless steel, rubber and leather
Maximum opening: 5 cm
Colours: Silver and black

Whitehead Ratchet mouth spreader gag

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