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Womanizer sex toys in Switzerland

The Womanizer sex toy is THE clitoral stimulator that has revolutionised female pleasure! It lets you reach orgasm in record time, every time, thanks to its patented “Pleasure Air Technologie” system. It works without direct contact with the clitoris, instead creating exceptionally intense micro-suction. In 2014 the first model, was released. It was followed by the Womanizer Pro W500, which is even more elegant and delivers higher performance. Discover the new generation of Womanizers at an incredibly tempting price, with the completely waterproof Womanizer Pro 40 and Womanizer 2Go in mid 2017.

The revolutionary sex toy for women!

Womanizer is THE revolutionary sex toy for modern ladies! Once you have tested it out, there will be no prying it away from you. Females will quickly find it to be irreplaceable, a little like men…

The different versions of the Womanizer

Since its release in 2014, this sex toy immediately imposed itself on the market as a leader in feminine well-being. Then, its successor made its appearance under the name of Womanizer Pro W500. More discreet, more compact and more efficient. The latest generation, Womanizer Pro40, is waterproof and available at an unbeatable price. No matter the version, all Womanizers are real little orgasm machines!

How does the Womanizer work?

The Womanizer is not a vibrator but a clitoral stimulator. Its hypoallergenic silicone attachment is placed against the clitoris and simultaneously provides micro-suctions and vibrations. The revolution is that the Womanizer guarantees orgasms and intense sensations with each use, thanks to the aspirations and the waves of pressure that it provides without direct contact with the clitoris.

How should I clean my Womanizer?

For optimum comfort, you will need to clean your clitoral stimulator before and after each use. Its removable head makes it easy to maintain, and you can easily clean it because the Womanizer is splashproof (but not completely waterproof).

The Womanizers' case and attachments

Womanizer has thought of everything! In order to take it with you while on the go, you will find an elegant carrying case of the same brand on our online shop. We also offer a pack containing five replaceable attachments in medical-grade silicone, when the time comes to change them. Spare heads with an XL opening for large sized clitorises are of course available on!

Why buy the Womanizer

The Womanizer is therefore undeniably a revolution in the field of female intimate pleasure. In order to get a better idea, many customer reviews are available on our naughty shop. The Womanizer Pro W500, Pro 40 and 2GO are on sale on your favourite Swiss sex shop,

Womanizer owner's manual

The Womanizer is not a vibrator, but a clitoral stimulator that will give you lightning orgasms at the touch of a button. This renowned stimulator has a patented "Pleasure Air Technology" system, which stimulates the clitoris by micro-suctions, without the need to touch the skin.

Spread the labia slightly to reveal the clitoris. Place the Womanizer's silicone luminous tip on it, using gentle pressure. The clitoris needs to enter the oval opening. Once you have found the perfect position and the clitoris is placed inside the silicone attachment, the device will become even quieter. No need for you to do anything else, just let yourself be carried away by these new kinds of sensations that will discreetly lead you to a dazzling orgasm!

Womanizer Pro W500
The Womanizer Pro W500 is an improved version of the clitoral stimulator. It incorporates a slightly tapered Swarovski rhinestone, which must be pressed for between 2-3 seconds in order to switch on the device. The intensity interface makes it possible to increase or decrease the speed of the micro-suctions. The Pro W500 model offers eight intensities of aspiration, including Super-Soft (level 1) and Super-Power (level 8). To turn off the sex toy, hold down the rhinestone, again for 2-3 seconds. The white and chrome models are fully waterproof, allowing you to enjoy stimulation in the bath or in the shower.

Womanizer Pro 40
The Womanizer Pro 40 is the latest addition to this range of revolutionary sex toys. It always works intuitively and also offers eight modes of aspiration intensities. Briefly press the button to start up the sex toy in Soft mode. For increased intensity, click the button. If you want to reduce the aspirations, press the button. To turn the appliance off, hold the button for about 2 seconds. The Womanizer Pro 40 is fully waterproof.

The Womanizer incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The charging time is 60 minutes, for more than 90 minutes of pleasure. A USB charging cable is included.
In order to perfectly match the anatomy of every woman, the Pro 40 model comes with two stimulation heads, one standard and one larger. On our naughty shop, we offer a pack comprising five spare attachments with a standard or XL opening.
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